Downtown Disney
Five Got Rhythm
Friday, April 21st, 2017

Pretty much every week, there are danceable bands that play at Downtown Disney. I will list “Downtown Disney” (which is outside the park and doesn’t require admission) separately from “Disney Fantasy Faire” (which is inside the park and requires admission) in the Lindy Calendar. Please don’t confuse the two! Turnout has been pretty good for these, so usually no partner needed!

Before spending a lot of money or making a long drive, please check the Disney Resort Dance Band Schedule Facebook Page for the latest updates. (My calendar cannot automatically read that page, so changes may not be reflected in my calendar).

Parking is free for two hours at Downtown Disney. You can get more time with validation.

Please buy food or drinks at one of the restaurants if you go. DTD Management did a survey and found no increase in merchant revenue on Swing nights. Let’s keep swing dancing alive at the Disneyland resort, whether it is inside the park or outside.

WHEN:Saturday nights and certain other nights, 6-10PM
COST:Free, but please buy food or drinks at one of the restaurants to keep swing bands playing here!
CROWD:Large group of beginners and regulars
VENUE SITE: Facebook Downtown Disney Page

ESPN Zone, 1545 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92802

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