SwingDance.LA is the number one Google search result for “Los Angeles Swing Dancing”.  That’s why I encourage you to promote your Swing dance event here for free! Here are some ways for you to promote your swing event, band, lessons, or dance troupe on SwingDance.LA for FREE.

1. Post your event on the event on the front page Comment Wall

You can leave a written description of your event or upload your event flyer in all its glory (not just a link, but the actual flyer!). This can have a great visual impact, and it’s just below the calendar, where a lot of people will be looking.

2. Post your event on the LA Lindy Hop Facebook Page

This has gotten less effective as Facebook has changed its policies, but I still see “likes” coming from this, and it’s free, so why not?

3. Request to add your event to the Lindy Calendar on the front page

Fill out the form below. Before requesting, make sure the event is not already on the Lindy Calendar.  Half of the requests I get are for events that area already on the calendar!

To be listed on the Lindy Calendar, your event must meet these conditions:

It must be a Swing dance event!
I will make exceptions for Blues. Sorry, no Tango, Salsa, Ballroom, or West Coast Swing on this site. And I generally don’t post lessons or else it would get out of control quickly.

It needs to have a dance floor or space to dance.
I won’t post jazz concerts that don’t have space to dance. Dancing is the whole point. Any true swing dancer will say that playing swing music without providing space to dance is cruel. Some restaurants push this limit by not having a true dance floor. I will still post these if they push tables out of the way for dancers.

It needs to be in the greater Los Angeles or Orange County area.
If your event is out of town, I encourage you to post it on the comment walls. However, the calendar is only for local events.

There needs to be a website or Facebook page for me to link to.
The Lindy Calendar needs something to link to. Create a Facebook Event for your event if you don’t have a website.

If you get no response from me within a few days, please send me a message. Sometimes this form doesn’t get to me.

If you have a special event, can work on a special promotion. Let me know what you have in mind. For example, the Hollywood Bowl offered SwingDance.LA readers a discount tickets to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Send me a message to discuss.

4. Write an article for SwingDance.LA

I’m always looking for content! Talk to me in advance and we can work on an article about your event that would work on SwingDance.LA.

How you can help me, and promote Swing dancing

Because I am a swing dancer, I welcome free passes to your events! 🙂

Also, I would tremendously appreciate it if you linked to on your site and mentioned it on your Facebook page and Twitter feed!

Thanks, Brian.